C. Jeff Cederholm Scholarship Endowment Fund

 Jeff Cederholm dedicated his career to conservation of salmon and aquatic species and their habitats. Jeff passed away in 2006 leaving a legacy of education, pioneering contributions to scientific literature and periodicals and instilling of passion for wild salmon conservation in many people for decades. After a successful American Fisheries Society Meeting hosted by the WA-BC Chapter in Seattle 2011, the Chapter resolved in 2013 to apply raised funds and subsequent contributions to the endowment to create a permanent source of financial support for educational expenses. The Scholarship is administered by the WA-BC Chapter Award Committee.  Information and application for the 2022 award can be found here Cederholm-Endowment-flyer_ 2022 final and here Cederholm-Application 2022 final

Student Travel Awards

Students are an integral part of the American Fisheries Society and they bring the newest ideas as well as energy and enthusiasm to annual meetings. It is also a well known fact that graduate students are the fuel that drives the engine of any university research lab! The WA-BC AGM will be a great opportunity for students to not only present their latest research results, but also network with colleagues and future employers.

We know it can be tough to get to a meeting as a student, so we want to help you out. A waiver of registration fee is available for students that want to volunteer at the 2022 Spokane meeting.  An application for this award is available here wabc student award 2022 final

Chapter Awards

The Washington – British Columbia Chapter of the American Fisheries Society is not yet seeking nominations for the 2022 chapter awards. Award recipients will be honored at the 2022 WA-BC Chapter Meeting August 21–25, 2022 in Spokane, Washington. Nominations require a candidate’s name, contact information, some biographical information and their connection to the WA-BC Chapter including service to AFS.

The WA-BC AFS Chapter awards are:

Haig Brown Award: Established in 1981 to recognize those who have produced outstanding, non-technical articles or publications on any aspect of fishery management, research, habitat protection, enhancement, or other related fields. Presented to an individual or agency who best exemplifies the journalistic spirit in his book The Western Angler: “Hand in hand with preserving and improving the fishery must go the work of presenting it properly to the public.” The Haig Brown Award consists of a perpetual trophy, small sculpture, and a $US 100.00 check.

Worthy Coelacanth Award: First presented in 1984, the award goes to a senior member (over 55 years young) of the WA-BC Chapter who has made an outstanding contribution to fisheries management and science.

Volunteer Organization: For a volunteer organization that has made exemplary contributions to fisheries conservation, education, or science.

The Fish Gaffe: This award recognizes the most noteworthy faux pas by a Chapter member each year. [The first recipient was Jeff Cederholm for his outstanding collection of self-inflicted typos in a previous AGM agenda].

Certificate of Appreciation: For a member, non-member, or organization who has significantly contributed to the betterment of the Chapter or it’s activities.

Certificate of Achievement: For a Chapter member who has demonstrated significant professional achievement, consistent with AFS goals and policies.

Conservation Organization of the Year: For an organization that has significantly contributed to a program or activity for conservation of fishery resources or habitats.

Meritorious Service: Awarded to a Chapter member who has made substantial contributions to the success of the Chapter.

Tommy Brayshaw Junior Conservation Award: Established in 1995, presented to someone 16 years or younger who has meaningfully involved in some form of fish conservation work.

Click to Download: WA-BC Awards: 1980-2010 (PDF)

Above is a link to a file with previous years award winners. Most of the Chapter Awards have been given out since 1980. However, you will notice many ? in the table. Please let us know if you have information about previous award winners. We would like to have a complete list. We are also still looking for two award statues that used to be handed down year after year. The Worthy Coelacanth and Meritorious Service awards are missing. If you have information about the whereabouts of theses statues please let the ExCom know. Thanks.