Student Subunits in Washington and British Columbia

There are currently three Student Subunits within Washington and B.C.

University of Washington Student Subunit

Current President: Bailey Gilbert


British Columbia Student Subunit (UVic, UBC, or SFU)

Current President: Sam Wilson


Eastern Washington University Student Subunit

Current President: Shawna Warehime

WA-BC Chapter of AFS Student Sub-Unit “First Meeting” Fund

WA-BC Chapter is supporting the formation of student sub-units in Washington and British Columbia by offering $200 each to the first 8 schools to begin organizing an AFS student subunit. The University of Washington, Eastern Washington University, and British Columbia Students have already taken advantage of this. The fund will support refreshments and other first meeting expenses. WA-BC Chapter will also help by inviting professors or other recent graduates of fisheries science programs to the meetings to talk about their work and the benefits of teaming up with AFS.   If you are interested in starting a subunit at your school, contact our current Student Subunit Representative.