Student Subunits in Washington and British Columbia

There are currently two Student Subunits within Washington and B.C.

British Columbia Student Subunit (UVic, UBC, or SFU)

Current President: Yangfan Zhang


Eastern Washington University Student Subunit

Current President: Hannah Coles

Student Travel Awards Available

Application deadline is February 16, 2020The WA-BC Chapter is offering travel awards to attend our Annual General Meeting in Vancouver, B.C., Canada on April 12–16, 2020. Awards are available to AFS WA-BC Chapter student members attending post-secondary educational institutions and pursuing degrees (Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorate) in fisheries and aquatic sciences or related fields. We want to help you get to the meeting!!! Please check out all the details about the awards on our Awards web page:

Scholarships offered by WA-BC Chapter- C. Jeff Cederholm Scholarship

Application deadline is February 15, 2020Details about the scholarships can be found on our Awards web page:

Student Volunteer – Meeting Registration Waived

Student volunteers will receive free registration for the meeting! Volunteers will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

We always appreciate extra help during our annual meeting, and volunteering is a great way to learn the inner workings of the ExCom and gives you a nice ice-breaker to use throughout the meeting! We are offering to waive registration for up to 10 student volunteers. In return, we ask that you volunteer to help with one of the following:

  • Spawning Run (setup/tear-down and route helpers/cheerers)
  • Assist with presentation loading
  • Continuing Education session (for Monday afternoon)
  • Complete TWO sessions at the registration desk (7:30 AM – 12 PM OR 1:20 PM – 5:00 PM)
  • General “runner” – help wherever we need it
  • Other volunteer activity, agreed upon with the ExCom (send us your ideas!)

If the agreed requirement is not fulfilled by the end of the AGM, you will be expected to cover the cost of registration.

To take advantage of this great opportunity send an email to the ExCom at [email protected] with the subject: “2020 AGM Student Volunteers.” In the email, let us know which activity you are interested in helping with and which day(s) you are available (we will work around presentations if you plan to give one).

Once your volunteer activity has been confirmed by the ExCom, you will receive detailed information about the activity and how to complete your registration as a student volunteer. Thank you for your interest, your help really makes a difference in making the meeting run smoothly!

WA-BC Chapter of AFS Student Sub-Unit “First Meeting” Fund

WA-BC Chapter is supporting the formation of student sub-units in Washington and British Columbia by offering $200 each to the first 8 schools to begin organizing an AFS student subunit. The University of Washington, Eastern Washington University, and British Columbia Students have already taken advantage of this. The fund will support refreshments and other first meeting expenses. WA-BC Chapter will also help by inviting professors or other recent graduates of fisheries science programs to the meetings to talk about their work and the benefits of teaming up with AFS.  If you are interested in starting a subunit at your school, contact our current Student Subunit Representative.