The upcoming AFS Annual Meeting is co-hosted by Western Division and the Washington-British Columbia AFS Chapter.  Our theme, “What do fish mean to us?” seeks to examine the ways that people value fish and fisheries from a variety of perspectives. We expect to develop a program that includes symposia that cover topics of marine, estuarine, and freshwater fisheries management; commercial, subsistence, and sport fishing; cultural and historical roles of fish and fisheries; impacts on water and fish populations from energy, resource extraction, and land use; native and nonnative fisheries; the intersection of traditional cultural knowledge and western research practices; and the role of the many publics who rely on or enjoy aquatic resources. Spokane’s location in the intermountain west is uniquely positioned to offer a program that tackles all these issues.

Stay tuned and check out the Annual Meeting Website and watch the News section for more information.

General Information

The WA-BC Chapter of the American Fisheries Society, which includes members in Washington State and British Columbia, is an organization composed of professional biologists interested in the scientific conservation and enhancement of fish populations and their environment.

The mission of the Chapter is to:

  1. advance the conservation and intelligent management of aquatic resources within a context of sound ecological principles,
  2. gather and disseminate information pertaining to aquatic science and fisheries management, and
  3. promote the educational and technical aspects of the fisheries profession.

In pursuit of our mission, we will strive to equitably represent the views of members, develop opportunities for effective leadership and conservation, and generate the resources necessary to carry out our programs.