Canadian Aquatic Resources Section of AFS Seeks Ex Comm Nominations

CARS is seeking people to fill the following positions (start date September 2018):

Vice-President– duties are at the leisure of the president and the position is primarily for training. The VP accedes the Presidency upon the completion of the two-year term. In total, this is a six-year commitment (2-year VP, 2-year P, and 2 year Past-President).
Secretary/Treasurer – duties are to assist with the preparation of the annual report, collect and be custodian of section funds, disperse funds as authorized, complete CRA reporting on an annual basis, and keep official records of the section. This is a a two-year term, however multiple consecutive terms are allowed.
Communications Officer – duties include: maintaining the section webpage (wordpress), email list, and social media accounts (primarily twitter); ensuring major announcements are communicated to the membership; and soliciting articles/web posts that might be of interest to the section members. This is a a two-year term, however multiple consecutive terms are allowed.
Assistant Communications Officer – duty is to assist the communications officer. This position has been vacant for sometime and is a two-year term with multiple consecutive terms allowed.
Student Representative – duties include maintaining contact with student sub-units, assisting with the Larkin Award, and informing the excom of student needs, interests, and activities. This is a a one-year term, however multiple consecutive terms are allowed.
All positions are considered to be part of the Executive Committee and are voting officers.
Nominations should be sent to Dr. Nick Mandrak (nicholas.mandrak[at]utoronto[dot]ca) by July 1, 2018. Please include a brief bio. Self nominations are acceptable. Online election will occur during the first two weeks of July.

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