Newsletter: Summer 2013

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In this Issue

President’s Line by John Morgan – pg. 2

WA-BC Chapter members at the AGM in Little Rock, Arkansas pg. 3

Dr. Robert Paine, UW professor, wins international award pg. 6

Dr. Robin Waples wins Society of Conservation Biology award pg. 7

Student Subunits: AFS-BC and AFS-UW – pg. 7

The Book Nook: Summer Reads on Fish Farts and Mt. Rainier pg. 10

  • Why Fish Fart and Other Useless Or Gross Information About the World by Francesca Gould, review Orlay Johnson
  • Bubble Homes and Fish Farts by Fiona Bayrock, review by Nicole Gall
  • Pickets and Dead Men by Bree Loewen, review by Orlay Johnson

Student Essays pg. 18

  • Hot Times with Wild, but Plain, Midshipmen by Natalie Sopinka

Education Corner pg. 21

  • NAME meeting in Crescent Beach, BC
  • Washington Sea Grant to host state and national Ocean Bowls
  • NOAA brings you a deep sea video, live to your classroom

Next issue: Battle of the Pollock books!

Billion Dollar Fish vs. Fishing for Pollock in a Sea of Change

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