2022 Meeting

The upcoming AFS Annual Meeting is co-hosted by Western Division and the Washington-British Columbia AFS Chapter.  Our theme, “What do fish mean to us?” seeks to examine the ways that people value fish and fisheries from a variety of perspectives. We expect to develop a program that includes symposia that cover topics of marine, estuarine, and freshwater fisheries management; commercial, subsistence, and sport fishing; cultural and historical roles of fish and fisheries; impacts on water and fish populations from energy, resource extraction, and land use; native and nonnative fisheries; the intersection of traditional cultural knowledge and western research practices; and the role of the many publics who rely on or enjoy aquatic resources. Spokane’s location in the intermountain west is uniquely positioned to offer a program that tackles all these issues.

Stay tuned and check out the Annual Meeting Website for details on program, symposia, exhibitors, etc.