2020 Meeting

Crossing boundaries and navigating intersections

In order to advance our understanding and management of fisheries and aquatic ecosystems we will need to boldly cross boundaries and navigate intersections – we will need to go where we have not gone before.  Boundaries are divides that may include technology, methodology, mindsets, disciplines, environments, borders, politics, communications, values and the like.  Intersections represent pathways where these often-separate factors converge.  This meeting will highlight the myriad and successful ways boundaries have been crossed and intersections navigated in fisheries and aquatic sciences to achieve desired outcomes. A special focus will be given on generating outcomes from the diversity of symposia presented.  Outcomes may include publications, proposals, recommendations, agreements, identification or clarification of uncertainties, and other action items.  Generating outcomes within our meeting will leverage collective talent and help us to cross boundaries and navigate intersections for the betterment of our fisheries profession and advancement of aquatic culture.


Meetings like this are not possible without the help of sponsors. The Western Division and Washington-British Columbia Chapters of AFS thank you!

News and Meeting Highlights

  • Meeting Registration

    Registration for the 2020 Western Division AGM is now open! Head over to our Registration page for information on registration fees!

  • Schedule at a Glance

    Interested in knowing how this meeting is structured? The Schedule at a Glance can be found here.

  • Dependent Care Grant

    Are you interested in attending the 2020 WD Annual Meeting but are impacted by the high cost of significant dependent care responsibilities? The new Dependent Care Grant supports Western Division of the American Fisheries Society members which can help with said costs. For more information and to submit your application, visit our Dependent Care Grant page.

  • Call for Abstracts!

    Interested in presenting your research at the 2020 WD Annual General Meeting? We currently have 25 different symposia to choose from! Deadline to submit abstracts is February 12, 2020. Abstracts can be submitted here. For more information, please review the Call for Papers.


    Steven Cooke, Helen Neville, and Daniel Pauly will be our plenary speakers for the 2020 Annual General Meeting. For more information, see: 2020 Plenary Speakers.


    The Western Division of the American Fisheries Society, Washington/British Columbia Chapter of AFS, and the National Fish Habitat Partnership  will be showcasing aquatically oriented films and photographs as a part of the 2020 Vancouver Aquatic Film and Photography Festival. More details to come!


    Please consider donating your time and talents to help us have a successful meeting. We still have plenty of opportunities for you to help! More details can be found here: 2020 AGM Volunteers

  • Guidelines for Presenters

    To make all presentations more inclusive and accessible to people from diverse backgrounds, please review this document.